Arcadiasky Launches Marketplace for hiring licensed Commercial operators

A new business in Melbourne connects unmanned commercial air vehicle operators with those who need aerial services for advanced projects.

Arcadia uses their certified operators to operate commercially in the listed country. It allows customers to connect with the drone operators to fulfill their project with a variety of categories such as tourism, events, weddings, Real estate, construction and many more.

It enables users to define their requirement in brief so that they can get the drone operators suitable for their project. Then they can able to contact the operator to know about them. People can have a look at the profile page of the operators to know more about their capabilities.

The company experienced its rise in licensed commercial operators over the past six months.

The company provides marketplace for helping customers find their commercial operators to get good response from the customers.

In the beginning customer shows their interest in projects like film and photography projects but nowadays many are using this service for surveying and inspection.

The company experienced a rapid growth with its launch in Australia and is expected to expand further in US and UK. It plans to create positive awareness about the company ensuring about the safe delivery of the product.

When the company starts it focuses completely to connect operators with customers, but now it tries to support authorities.

ArcadiaSky is looking forward to introduce a new insurance scheme in order to provide services to the commercial UAV operators.


Health Insurance Marketplace in Delaware opens enrollment

Delaware started its new enrollment period in its health insurance marketplace with the success in the first two seasons, where thousands of Delawareans have activated their coverage.

Health coverage open enrollment will be conducted from Nov 1 to Jan 31. Individuals are preferred to sign up on this year Dec 15 to gain success in health coverage.

Individuals who enrolled this year with a plan can able to enroll again with a different plan in the year 2016.

As insurance companies renew health coverage for many customers automatically, individuals who brought out the marketplace are preferred to go with This helps the individuals update their personal information, annual income, review their status if current coverage and help them to check out new plans offered for 2016.

Through this third enrollment, many Delawareans who are unable to join the coverage due to their disability will now have the opportunity to join their neighbors who have the coverage for improved health.

People have a thought that the tax credits are not applicable to them. The benefit of a tax credit is to lower the monthly premium of the customer which helps them to make 46000 dollars per year.

Individuals who enroll for the first time and those who have already enrolled can able to choose many plans in 2015. There will be some rate change in the individual plan premiums. The premiums will decrease from 0.5 to 1 for Aetna and rises to 12.7 % for Highmark plans. Federal tax credits help to lower the cost of coverage to some extent.

Upmod creates a marketplace exclusively for products made of trash

Recently, Trash craft is a hot trend that is catching up like a fire across the globe. Upcycling is environment friendly and has received a huge welcome from the artisans who are specially trained in the trash art. Several people are more interested in these environment friendly products.  Upmod is a social online marketplace that sells unique and classy products made from a scratch. Create your own social marketplace website with buysy marketplace

Upmod was launched in 2011 and it was an instant hit back then. It provides an opportunity to the artisans to showcase their creativity and skills. People of this generation are now very conscious about the environment and Upmod does a remarkable job in preserving our environment. Upmod could be a start to a new beginning and it encourages people to invest more time and money into this genius creation.

The website uses the social media capability to make its products go viral and most of the buyers who turn up to the site are from social media platform. Hence, the social media plays a vital role in Upmod’s grand success.

The website was initially launched as RecyclePost and then later upgraded as UpcyclePost after its commercial success.  The site is more finesse and sleeker than it was before. It has brought many features and deals to grab attention from people across the globe. The unique marketplace has earlier faced failures but came back stronger from the fall. It now follows a huge brand name and is all set to rule out its competitors.


China’s favorite Baidu app marketplace gets Hindi support

The country’s leading search providing company Baidu is now targeting Indian users as well. The firm is planning to launch Hindi support to grab attention from its neighboring country. The firm recently updated its third party Android app store, MoboMarket 3.0 in Hindi language to gain coverage in India. The firm has an enormous following in the country and because of that, it has launched Hindi support. According to the firm’s spokesperson, Hindi language support is one among the other updates for the users. The firm has come up with many other exciting updates to ease the user experience for Indian users.

The list also includes smart recommendations and redeemable MoboMarket points. These are some of the clever strategies by the firm to achieve a rapid growth in the neighboring country. According to the sources, the previous version of Mobomarket had 4.5 million active users from India every month. The app has localized content and recommendation system specially designed for Indians to expand its service throughout India. The firm wants to adopt a healthy mobile ecosystem which would benefit digital India initiative.

The company’s first local approach will help them acquire fast and rapid growth across the neighboring country. The firm has got a content library of over 500,000 apps and games. If the rapid growth continues for some time, it may even beat the local rivals of India. Baidu has received a very good response from many Indian critics on launching Hindi language support. Kudos to the team!


Kuddly Launched Online Market Place for Pet Care

Kuddly, a Newport Beach company has launched a new market place that connects the pet owners and veterinarians to know about the pet health and related concerns. It enables users to make the pet care more affordable and it is accessible to all the pet owners throughout the world.

Why people prefer Kuddly??

It is hard to get quality care for pets but kuddly was created to solve this problem among the pet owners. It provides facility for the pet owners to find out the best veterinarian within their city and even they can locate veterinarian when they stay away from home. Users can search for a vet by specialty and have a digital record of their pet care. The information which we find online may not be from qualified veterinarians or there may be some chance for the information to be fake but kuddly provides information from the verified veterinarians and helps the users to connect with them for their pets care locally or across various parts of the world. Kuddly enable users to create a profile for the pets to provide necessary information to the veterinarians, chat with the vet regarding pet care.

Veterinarians doing services in kuddly can able to set their own prices starting from few dollars and kuddly users can able to select veterinarians of their choice. It allows users to browse through a list of vets and select them by price, language and specialty. Kuddly app is easy to download and is available on Apple iTunes and Google Android stores.

Many people shop at Magical Marketplace

Magical marketplace takes place once in every year to raise funds for the church. It has always been a big hit among the locals. It has never failed to impress and the shopping event has lived up to the expectations every year. Vendors and shoppers occupied two entire rooms of Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church for the annual Magical Marketplace. The church didn’t collect any charge from the vendors to set up their shops in the marketplace. But in return, they were expected to provide the church with 20 percent of their total profit made from the shopping event. According to the Pastor of Elementary Ministries Ruth Grissom, the turnout was a grand success and quiet impressive. Also, the weather was very well behaved on the big day. The vendors turned out in a huge number and shoppers showed up at the event even before the vendors. Because of the free setup of booths, a lot of vendors showed interest in setting up one! 20 percent of the vendor’s shares that was provided to the church will be later equally divided between the elementary missions and ministries.

Grissom also added that money raised from the magical marketplace will be later used to renovate the areas of the elementary ministries at the church. The money would be used to change the wall paint colors of the church to make it more vibrant and vivacious. The church’s interior hasn’t been altered for almost ten years, and hence the funds would be an immense help!